Energy Efficiency Infrastructure

Energy retrofits of existing infrastructure are often neglected. With the introduction of the SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund, Sustainable SàRL will tackle the problem of an aging infrastructure. This will be achieved through energy efficient retrofitting of large, power-intensive buildings, industrial processes and public infrastructure. The fund will give the owners of these institutions the opportunity to upgrade their energy infrastructure, resulting in significant reductions in electricity costs. 100% of the high upfront costs associated with energy retrofitting are to be financed by the SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund. In return, the fund will receive a majority of the energy savings over a 6-10 year time frame, upon conclusion of which the building owner will reap the full economic and environmental benefits of the energy efficiency technology.

In line with Sustainable SARL’s investment philosophy, investors in this fund can expect attractive and stable rates of return as well as the benefits of minimal stock market correlation. In addition, saving guarantees by technology suppliers provide low risk.